2/14/22 Sorry for the outage the site is back up

6/16/16 Moved site to Namecheap and added restaurant in Madison

3/26/14 Updated Attractions, clothes, restaurants and theaters for Minneapolis.

6/19/13 Moved site to 1&1 as they had a killer deal going on.

6/6/12 Small update with a couple of restaurants in the Twin Cities.

3/11/12 Added a couple of car submissions.

4/2/11 Quick addition to Madison

3/10/11 Quick addition to national chains

2/14/11 Quick addition to Minneapolis

1/11/11 Updates to Madison, WI and chains. I've also started including regional chains on that page, rather than by city. 1 quick addition to Minneapolis as well.

7/14/10 Added pages for Madison, Wisconsin.

2/16/10 The server crashed this weekend so I had to do a reinstall of windows. We are back up and running. I've also stopped using Abyss Web Server and switched to IIS. If performance takes a hit I'll switch back.

5/11/09 Added Google Adsense so I can maybe recoup the cost of owning the domain. Maybe, if it works out. I won't be putting ads on any pages having to do with the submission process, so feel free to flee the ads by letting me know what is FGF.

3/30/09 Small update to restaurants here in the Cities.

9/19/08 Small update to restaurants here in the Cities and to national chains (restaurants).

8/26/08 This actually happened last week, but I changed my email server from self hosted to one hosted by Google.  Its great and was easy to set up, the only problem was that my submissions form relied on a local sendmail compliant email server. After trying to update it to use the remote Google hosted email I gave up and found an alternative way to do it thanks to a spiffy free service. I also updated the links for whats running this lean, mean, fatguy machine to reflect those changes.

4/15/08 I added some stuff from San Diego last week and today I added a restaurant to the Twin Cities.  I also want to make mention of the fact that FGF will be down for a while during my move.  FGF is served from an old computer under my desk and since I'm moving so is it.  I won't be moving until May 1st at the earliest and June 1st is more likely, but I figured a heads up was in order for the 0 people who come here.  My blog will still be up, since it is hosted by blogger (I couldn't get ftp publishing to work).

3/5/08 Updated the home page to reflect the new WYSIWYG editor and added a restaurant to the Twin Cities. I'm also attempting to move my blog here from blogspot but am running into some issues with the ftp.

1/2/08 Happy New Year! Added a couple of restaurants by my work that I kept putting off.

12/28/07 Submission page up and running. Thanks to some sample php code.

12/27/07 Added a couple of submissions. I will be creating a submission page (rather than relying on a mailto link). Hopefully that will be live soon (I have to install php and get it to work). Also my buddy who designed the logo got a bunch of FGF shirts for Christmas. If anyone wants some I could probably start carrying them on the site. And as always please remember to submit any places you come across, we need submissions to make the site useful.

11/12/07 I've switched mail server software in the hopes of cutting down on my spam. I like the interface much more than the old one and I think I'll be able to get some spam filtering software that works.

1/7/2007 Minor update

7/20/2006 I'm actually going to begin the Vegas update today. One of the contributing factors to my procrastination was that I was planning on do some listing before I started the actual editing process. Nuts to that. I've decided I'm going to do the same thing thats kept me in college all these years, winging it. So here goes. As I think of more things I'll be adding them later.

3/30/2006 Sorry that update after Vegas hasn't materialized yet, but I've been really busy with school, work and laziness. Besides I figure my lack of updates has driven away the 2 or 3 people who had checked out FGF.

2/1/2006 I just realized I never added the van I used to drive to Pennsylvania and back, so I added it to cars. Hopefully when I get back from Vegas (March 1st) I'll have a big update. I'm brining a notepad so I can take notes on what is and isn't Fat Guy Friendly. Besides if this turns into a business this year (highly unlikely) I can then write off the trip. I also just created a section for national chains.

1/19/2006 I recently drove to Pennsylvania and back, but I didn't really spend enough time anywhere to find places that were or weren't Fat Guy Friendly or not. I will be spending a week in Las Vegas next month for my birthday so I should have an update after that. Until then keep it friendly.

8/16/2005 Added another car. Thanks to Marc Nelson for the submission. He also let me know he found out about the site from the Langalist website, solving that little mystery.

8/14/2005 Added another car, including our third submission. Thanks to Roger Diekema for the submission. I don't know how word of FGF has gotten out, but I'm glad it has. The only way this website can be helpful is with the help of everyone out there.

8/9/2005 Added more cars, including one submitted by Grady V.

8/8/2005 Added new city (Des Moines, Iowa). Thanks was called for by a submission by DaveN. So now anyone who knows of spots in Des Moines has no reason not to submit them.

6/19/2005 Added Links and Employers pages. Other minor additions and edits.

5/7/2005 While I did update some content I never got the redesign under way. I did finally get the logo on the site. I also recently updated the server software.

1/3/2005 Added this page also slight update the the cars page. This week I plan on adding a bunch of content (all of it still in or between the cities currently covered). Once I get that out of the way I'll be doing a redsign of the site starting next week. If all goes well the site will look completely different within a month.