Restaurants in Madison
Fat Guy Friendly Approved or Not

Freiburg Gastro Pub I was worried as soon as I saw they insisted on using "Gastro Pub" but the food was really good the beer was nice and cold and it had a great atmosphere.

Samba It's a lot like Fogo De Chao but cheaper. The food is awesome, the seats are great and the restaurant itself is very nice.

The Original Pancake House This place only does breakfast so they're only open until early afternoon, but it is good. It is the only time I've ever had a baked omelette.

Rosatti's Best italian beef ever. Melty cheese, toasty bread, fresh peppers. It was so good I ate there twice, and I was only in town for 3 days.

Glass Nickel Pizza stupid, stupid name, awesome pizza

HuHot another mongolian grill, just because its not original doesn't mean it isn't great.

Loredos Good Mexican food, big portions, great service.

Pasquel's Crappy food, crappy portions, overly loud music. Decent chairs though.


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